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PAMP, the artist in gold bars and precious metals

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PAMP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux in french which means Artistic Products of Precious Metals) is a recognized brand in the production of gold bars and bullion. Here are the bars that manufactures the famous Swiss manufacturer. Lire la suite […]

How to sell a gold bar or bullion without assay certificate ?

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Once again, earning it the gold and only gold and bullion without a certificate, is worth absolutely nothing. At Orobel, a French ingot or another as the most ancient known as punches Caplain Saint André, precious metals and bullion Company Comptoir Lyon-Alemand-Louyot & Co. or The Elders Facilities Leon Martin and others which we will Lire la suite [...]

How to buy gold in Belgium ?

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The economic crisis has affected and still affects almost everyone. As we’ve seen, opinions differ about gold and its safe haven status. You may therefore feel the urge to either acquire, or, on the contrary, feel the need to get rid of and reap the benefits. Here are the options available to you in both Lire la suite [...]

You want to buy gold ?

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[lightbox src="images/diamond-investment.jpg" width="IMAGE_WIDTH" height="IMAGE_HEIGHT" lightbox="off" style="none|borderInner|shadow|border|reflect" title="IMAGE_TITLE" align="left|right|none"]   Purchase physical Gold.  Orobel offer a wide variety of gold investment products and advise you in your choices. Our online shop give you the exact sell price of gold coins and gold bars according to gold spot price in realtime. [button type="info" target="_self" link="" icon="info-sign"]our webshop[/button] [divider margin="0 Lire la suite [...]

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