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23 Jun: What does the BREXIT means for the price of gold ?

Yesterday, June 23rd, the United Kingdom organized a referendum on whether the people wanted to stay in or leave the European Union. They have chosen with a narrow majority to leave the EU, and the consequences of this decision are enormous. What does the BREXIT means for the price of…

26 May: Palladium, How much do we still have ?

As for platinum and rhodium, palladium discovery comes quite late in human history. William Wollaston (the same man who identified rhodium [link]) was discovered and named in 1802. After a brief moment of skepticism where the metal was mistaken to an alloy, it follows a long period where resources were…

26 May: Earth’s rarest element: Rhodium

Rhodium, as well as platinum and palladium, was discovered relatively late. Specifically in 1804 and by the same man who discovered palladium, William Wollaston. Earth’s rarest element: RhodiumNotez cette page

20 May: Will we ever run out of gold ?

If gold is the precious metal it is today, and not silver, platinum, palladium or copper is because it was both early accessible and not plentiful for mankind, which made it a material that was used early on but also difficult to obtain.   Will we ever run out of…

29 Apr: How to manufacture of 18-carat gold?

For those who do not know, we classify the different alloys of gold according to their purity of gold. The unit of reference, which has not changed for centuries, is the carat and includes 24 graduations. How to manufacture of 18-carat gold?Notez cette page

20 Apr: Historic of the Gold / Silver ratio since 1800

Cet article présente le rapport historique du ratio or/argent, plus précisément l’évolution de la relation entre le cours de l’or et le cours de l’argent part le biais d’un graphique interactif et explicatif. Historic of the Gold / Silver ratio since 1800Notez cette page

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