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You want to invest in gold? With Orobel, you benefit from a complete catalog of Good Delivery gold bars and coins, LBMA certified and of marketable quality. But above all, we offer an unique customer service and a professional partner at your service since 1997.

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Buy Gold Coins

We offer a complete gold coin catalog to help you invest in gold, no matter how much you want to invest. All of the coins at Orobel are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are in marketable condition and that you can enjoy quality, original gold coins.

  • Complete gold and silver coin catalogue

  • Analyzed and selected for their marketable quality

  • Personalized advice and guidance

  • Possibility to buy in large quantities

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Buy Gold Bars

Our complete catalog of gold bars is sourced exclusively from the best-known LBMA-certified smelters, offering gold bars ranging from 5gr to 12.5kg. With our LBMA certification, all our bars are certified to be the purest possible.

  • Complete catalog of gold bars

  • All our ingots are LBMA certified

  • All our bars are certified 999.9‰ gold.

  • All our ingots are exchangeable anywhere in the world

Why invest in gold coins?

Orobel recommends its clients to have a part of their gold capital in the form of gold coins.

Gold coins have several advantages: besides the fact that you can acquire a very small amount of gold at a time, they offer you liquidity and a much more flexible management of your gold assets. With gold coins, you can acquire a certain amount of gold, and be able to resell part of that acquisition if you need liquidity.

Gold coins are very different from each other, so they can sometimes be complicated to choose. Generally, we advise our customers to start with the coins known as “safe value” such as the 20 Francs, the English Sovereigns, the Krugerrands, etc.

When buying gold coins, you will never make a bad choice… Unless you are doing it for investment purposes. Some coins may have a higher prime than others because they are rarer or demand is higher than supply. The “Safe Value” coins guarantee you the best low premium coins for investment.

Why invest in gold bars?

Gold bars have the particularity of not having a prime. This is why more “experienced” investors go for them: because their price is much more stable, and they are ultimately much more compact than a large package of gold coins.

However, this reality of low premium is only true on ingots that are compatible: either the 100gr, 250gr, 500gr, 1000gr or even the 12500gr ingots.

Indeed, the assayers are now offering small ingots, variants with lower weights than the traditional ingots (the kilo being the reference).

These ingots can be interesting, but only from a certain weight. At Orobel, we recommend that you go for ingots starting at 50 grams.

Why not smaller ingots? Because from an investment point of view, it’s expensive! The assayers pass on the cost of production of these ingots to their customers: you. Larger ingots are usually not very expensive to produce (or their cost has already been amortized by a previous investor), so they are more interesting.

This way can be considered a kind of premium, although it is not quite one.

Build your own gold portfolio.

One investor is not the other, and Orobel’s experience can help you build a gold portfolio based on your capital and your strategy. It’s possible to start with one or more coins, ingots or very often a mix of both combining stability of a part thanks to ingots, and a fractional and liquid part with coins.

No matter your capital, the duration of your investment or your objective: we will always put our experience at your disposal.

Tip: Orobel recommend to invest from 5 to 20% of your capital in physical gold. You are free to buy more or less, but from a safe-haven perspective, this range is the most advisable.

Buy online, and set your own purchase price.

Our online store updates the prices of the products every minute according to the gold price so that you can invest in gold when the moment seems the most convenient for you.

By placing an order in a few clicks, you set your own purchase price.

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Buy gold at Orobel and enjoy many advantages.

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F.A.Q about buying gold with Orobel

Of course you can! Orobel works in all countries in Europe as well as in some countries in the world (feel free to contact us if you are outside Europe). Orobel offers discreet services and secure deliveries for its international customers.

The Belgian legislation will be applied when you buy from Orobel, but you remain subject to the legislation of the country of your citizenship.

From our physical store, you can buy gold in cash up to:

  • 2500€ for an anonymous purchase, i.e. a purchase without taking identity.
  • 3000€ for a cash purchase with ID

These limits are applied per day and per person.

Need to buy for more? Check our store in Aachen (Germany), where you can buy up to 100.000€/day/person.

No. At Orobel, you are free to buy gold in any quantity. We can prepare large orders very quickly, whether online or in-store. However, please note that since payments are made by bank transfer, your bank’s transaction limits will apply. Please feel free to pay for your orders with the help/authorization of your bank.

When you select home delivery for your order, it will automatically be provided by Orobel. Depending on the total amount of your order, your order will be delivered by one of our partners. For small orders we usually use Bpost, and for large orders we use couriers such as Brinks, Malca Amit, Ferrari Transport, others.