Because of the diversity of gold products offered in the gold market, many wonder what brand of gold bars it is better to buy. Orobel answers in this article !


lingot or Perth Mint

If you want to invest in physical gold and buy gold in form of gold bars and bullion, here are the main brands that Orobel recommend you to buy.

All these brands of melters and gold bars manufacturers are among the best known. Their gold bars are guaranteed with a purity of 99.99% and are exchangeable worldwide.

logo Umicore Umicore
logo Metalor Metalor
Valcambi Valcambi
Credit Suisse Credit Suisse
PAMP PAMP (Produit Artistique Métaux Précieux)
Degussa Degussa
Perth Mint Perth Mint
Argo Heraeus Argo Heraeus
Münze Österreich Münz Österreich



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