The American Eagle gold, gold coin known as $ 50 Eagle is a combination of beauty and art. American iconic piece of gold, here are some on this extraordinary piece of American gold !


History of United States Mint 

pièce d'or 50 American Eagle

Founded in 1792, The United States Mint is an office of the US Department of Treasury, in charge of manufacturing and circulating coins legal tender in the United States.


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Today, the United States Mint also produces pieces in gold, silver and platinum quality Proof, Non-circulated and commemorative coins. The best known of it is of course the American Eagle.


History of American Gold Eagle.pièce d'or American Eagle

Authorized by Congress in 1985 and first minted in 1986, 50 Dollars gold eagle are still made today at West Point in New York. The gold content in the American Eagle is by law from major US gold mines.


The American Eagle gold coins are gold guaranteed by the US government, in terms of weight and purity. The American gold coin is struck from an alloy of gold 22K, a standard for gold coins in circulation.


The amount of gold, silver and copper contained in each piece is calibrated at micro-gram, giving him and alloys of extreme quality that allows to increase its life and strength.


Design and specifications about American Gold Eagle.

Design 50 Dollars Gold Eagle

The design of the coin was designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens, renowned sculptors in the United States, best known for designing the design of gold coins $ 20.

The American Eagle (Eagle or $ 50) is one of the most iconic gold bullion, recognized worldwide for its extreme finesse and quality of retail design


Obverse of the gold coin : The statue of Lady Liberty, surrounded by a sunburst and the word “Liberty” above.

Reverse of the gold coin : a family of eagles, the symbol of family and unity, surrounded by the words “United States Mint” and “1 oz Fine Gold.”. and the face value “50 dollars”.


The American Eagle is available in 4 face value, different sizes and characteristics.

une once gold Eagle

50 Dollars Eagle

Content Weight Diameter Thickness

Gold : 1 troy ounce (oz)

31,103 g

1,0909 troy ounce

33,931 g


32,70 mm


2,87 mm

demi oz gold eagle

25 Dollars Eagle

Content Weight Diameter Thickness

Gold : ½ troy ounce (oz)

15,552 g

O,5455 troy ounce

16,966 g


27,00 mm


2,15 mm

quart once gold eagle

10 Dollars Eagle

Content Weight Diameter Thickness

Gold : ¼ troy ounce (oz)

7,776 g

O,2727 troy ounce

8,483 g


22,00 mm


1,78 mm

dixième once gold eagle

5 Dollars Eagle

Content Weight Diameter Thickness

Gold : 1/10 troy ounce (oz)

3,110 g

O,1091 troy ounce

3,393 g


16,50 mm


1,26 mm


Why buy American Gold Eagle ?

investir american gold eagle

Buying American Eagle gold is a tradition among Americans, very attached to gold mainly because of the great years of the Gold Rush in California. Buy American Gold Eagle is often a gift to the United States. It is also and above all an excellent way to diversify their savings and savings.


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American Eagle on the famous gold market, which ensures their high liquidity and thus the specificity can be bought and sold very easily. Moreover, their alloy 22K guaranteed their great strength, sealed in plastic or not, and thus guarantees a long service life.


acheter des 50 dollars gold eagle

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