Product quality, bullion or gold coins is a requirement for Orobel. Discover in this article how and why bullion and gold coins Orobel are high-end products, recognized and approved worldwide.


Gold bullions coins from famous and recognized coins Mint worldwide.


One ounce gold coins with modern design sold byOrobel  are from the world’s leading mints (Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA, United States …) recognized for the delicacy of the design of the parts that they manufacture pieces and historical expertise.


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pièce or 50 dollars eagle or United States Mint pièce or Australian Nugget Perth Mint pièce or Krugerrand South African Mint pièce or Maple Leaf Royal Canadian Mint pièce or Britannia Royal Mint


From left to right : 50 dollars American Eagle, Australian nugget, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Britannia.

You can also order different modern 1 oz gold coins as well as derivates in ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz et 1/20 oz.

 tube maple leaf orgamme pièces or Maple Leaf

All gold coins sold by Orobel are examined one by one in order to be guaranteed in condition and boursable. The gold you sold is packaged in individual sleeves to protect them from oxidation and wear time.

For larger batches, the gold coins are shipped in packaging in the form of rolls, such as Maple tubes.



acheter des pièces d'or 

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Gold bars recognized worldwide.


Gold bars sold by Orobel are from premier Smelters and Refinery in the world, and are LBMA certified, ensuring you own gold bars with a purity of 999,9 ‰. 


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lingot or 1 kg umicore lingot or 1 kg metalorlogo LBMAlingot or 1 kg valcambilingot or 1 kg credit suisse


At Orobel you will find gold bars of different sizes from 5g to 50g through the gold bar of 1 kg. This provides you with a varied range and a wide selection of gold bullion, adaptable to any type of budget.

500g gold bar metalorlingot minted gold Metalor 20g


Next bullion or gold ingots you are looking for, they will be offered in the form of gold ingots cast (cast) or hit (minted).

> See our explained article for more details about cast and minted bars.


In both cases, gold bullion is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the manufacturer and by the tester / founder, approving and certifying the purity of your gold bullion. This provides you with a single gold bar!



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