The economic crisis has affected and still affects almost everyone.

As we’ve seen, opinions differ about gold and its safe haven status.

You may therefore feel the urge to either acquire, or, on the contrary, feel the need to get rid of and reap the benefits.

Here are the options available to you in both cases.

In order to acquire physical gold, many options exist. The first of it is gold bar of one kilogramme (or approximately 2,2 pounds).

However, it will cost the significant sum of about 35,000 €.

Of course, smaller ingots ingots exist too. You can obtain dirrectly from your bank or from a licensed business in buying and selling of gold (e.g. www.orobel.biz).

It seems that the best option you have is to buy your gold elsewhere than a bank, and then put your precious metal in a safe place like bank safes.

Then there are coins.

You’ll find those in above shops, by ads or on the Internet by typing in the search engines “Orobel Purchase and sale of gold.”

At last, there are jewelry, deccorative items, cutlery and other gold teeth …

For those who wants to get rid of their precious metal and reap the benefits, here for them.

In the case of ingots or coins, banks can certainly help you in your task, if you are one of their clients …

S’il s’agit de lingots ou de pièces de monnaies, les banques peuvent bien sûr vous aider dans votre tâche, pour autant que vous soyez un de leurs clients…
Another possibility, specialized and licensed shops. You can have all the time to visit our website or resale (www.orobel.biz)

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