On the internet it is now possible to buy gold online and have them delivered at home. Some basic rules to follow before you run out and buy gold on the web !


1. Check the reputation of dealers where you want to buy.

notoriété entreprise

Before buying gold on the internet, make sure the reputation and reliability of the company. Check its imprint, its general conditions of sale.

Search the exact coordinates of gold sales online site and do not hesitate to contact its services in order to have as much information and be sure of yourself.

Many gold buying online sites now offer an online chat system, through which you can chat live and get the answers to your questions quickly.Of course the customer reviews are important! Search the web and compare different opinions and make you and an idea of the reliability of the site on which you will buy.


2. Buy gold on secure sites, starting with https


site sécurisé https

It is an essential guarantee of security for your transaction! On a site https, your personal and bank details are encrypted. This safety, to protect the net buyers against fraud and piracy results in cadenanas placed on the top left in the url bar (SSL certificate).

Also, never pay by cash mandate a gold buying online and never use companies such as Western Union ! You could probably fall on dishonest sellers and never see your money.



3. Check the reputation of the carrier if you want to be delivered at home.

transporteur agréé Brinks

If delivery to your home, make sure the reliability of the carrier used by the gold sales company online and assurance associated with it. Their reliability depends on the security and good transport your gold bought on the net.

Make you specify the cost of delivery to avoid any surprises on the bill. Some delivery services for carriers and recognized value of goods delivery can be mentioned Fedex, Brinks or Ferrari Group.



4. Buy only the best quality.

lingots or LBMA

For slugs, it is best to buy brands of certified gold bars LBMA manufacturers, guaranteeing quality products and marketable worldwide.

The presence of a certificate accompanying the gold bullion is a complement of quality. It is not essential (your bullion with or without paper certificate will always have value !), But guarantees its authenticity, ie you buy a gold bar manufactured in the workshop of the brand and refiner -approved certified by a tester.

For parts, serious sellers and professionals tend to ship your gold coins packed in individual blister or in capsules / sealed tubes. This ensures the quality of gold coins and a good conservation in time.


5. Verify that current prices are based on the LBMA quotation.

cours or LBMA

In France, there are more official price of gold since 2004. The reference price proposed by the CPOR is an unofficial commercial course. Internationally, the official price of gold is that of the LBMA, set twice a day, and the spot price (in real time) set by different actors of the gold market.


Read also How the gold price works ?


So do not compare the fees but the net price, so the price that you be well applied either from the international trading of gold, shared by all players in the gold market.

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