This is one of the favorite subjects of TV news because of the audience it brings, Islamic terrorism is nevertheless an economic threat that should be taken seriously. But not the way you imagine. 


The risk posed by the Islamic terrorism is not a war itself, the military threat from those groups is indirect and quite small. No matter how much the media you repeat the reverse, in cases of a direct confrontation they are completely unprepared to face a modern army. The economic risk of terrorist is actually the paranoia of people who overstates their threat because of the attacks.


As you can see from these charts, the cost of terrorism is not only moral.

Paranoia is in itself worrying, but extended to a large population that is highly problematic and the economic impact is directly felt by local shops. It’s illustrated by the depressed climate of town victim of terrorist attacks. Imagine this temporary fear is becoming permanent fear, then it would be a major economic disaster!   


Do not forget the cost of anti-terrorism operations (see charts above).