While it is hard not to have heard of real estate magnate, who has literally monopolized an enormous amount of political coverage in the United States, it is our duty to present a little the demagogue that is Donald Trump.


Before being a political figure, he was best known for being one of the most famous business men _ _, concerned with projects like a reality TV show and making cameos in popular movies rather than speaking of politics.

However, his latest desire is to be the Republican candidate for the US presidential election. If his campaign is clearly apart with his direct competitors, and has attracted more laughter and consternation that approvals; nevertheless it was successful. And while almost nobody had anticipated him being that much winning. Unfortunately, his program is full of promises more potentially catastrophic than the other.

So, what does he propose? Building a wall on the Mexican border; which, besides being completely disproportionate, will be ineffective and ideologically racist. He would like to go back to the gold standard, which is a very bad idea (see article). He improvises himself as a strategist by advocating letting other countries become nuclear powers, the return of torture, the family massacre to demoralize terrorists.


Let us put his chances in perspectives, shall we? Experts give him at best a 30% chance of winning, and his chances should not go up. Add to that the fact that the president, even in the USA, is not almighty and the Congress may moderate the fiery temperament of Donald Trump. Beware all the same; you never know what will happen.