As the saying goes “never two without three,” after two potential economic risks of more or less close to the European Union, it is no surprise that this is a third.


However, it is the problem of the fragility of the union as a whole, rather than an accurate “spot”.


We have already told you, the challenges that the European Union face are unprecedented, both in terms of quantity and in terms of intensity: euroskeptic parties gains popularity on the far left and the far right, secessionist countries, a general economy that hasn’t really yet recovered well, the economies of some Member States (Greece, Spain, Italy) pretty grim, a debt crisis in the euro area not completely resolved, … and we aren’t even finish.


Rise of anti-eu parties, debt crisis, immigrant crisis… EU doesn’t lack of problem…

With this in mind, it becomes difficult to argue in favor of a bright future for the EU. And it is pure logical to conclude that with the addition of each small problem, the likelihood that the EU structure as a whole fracture increases exponentially. 

With all the problems facing the European Union, it is very likely that the problem of accumulation is a problem in and of itself…