3. Horne’s treasury (Hoxne, United Kingdom).

trésor hoxne

The Hoxne treasure is the biggest treasure of gold and silver of late Roman antiquity discovered in Britain, and the largest collection of gold coins and silver of the fourth and fifth century discovery throughout Roman Empire.

It was found Nov. 16, 1992, in the village of Horne in Suffolk using a metal detector. The treasure consists of 14,865 Roman coins in bronze, silver and gold from the late fourth and early fifth centuries and about 200 pieces of tableware in silver and gold jewelry. These objects are preserved in the British Museum in London, where part of the treasure is on permanent display. In 1993, the Treasure Valuation Committee has assessed the treasure of 1.75 million pounds.


2. A 750 kilos treasure ! (Jersey).

trésor 750 kilos 

Two English explorers discovered a treasure Gallic coins of 750 kilos in a field in Jersey at the end of June 2012.

This enormous treasure consists of 30 000-50 000 pieces estimated at about 12.5 million €. This is the biggest treasure of Celtic coins which have been discovered to date.


1. A priceless treasury ! (Staffordshire, United Kingdom).

trésor terry herbert 

Terry Hebert a man of 55, is the discoverer of a fabulous treasure composed of more than 1,500 objects in gold and silver dating from the 7th century, in a plowed field Staffordshire and a very shallow depth. Gold and silver for coins and also fragments of weapons such as helmets, guards with swords, some set with precious stones.

His discovery whose importance is compared with that of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun contains a bric-a-brac warrior with at least 84 heads and 71 guards who wear swords mostly very fine decorations and inlaid garnets in gold. The treasure contains about 650 gold objects weighing approximately 5 kg and 530 silver objects (1.3 kg), and a large quantity of precious stones.

Its evaluation should take a year and the total value is expected to exceed one million pounds (of € 1.1 million) according to an expert from the British Museum. The discovery should be divided equally between Terry Herbert, who plans to buy a house, and the owner of the field, according to an agreement between the two men.



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