Welcome to Orobel

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Buy – Sell – Gold
Since 1997.

Established in Belgium since 1997 and in Germany since 2018, Orobel is your partner in the purchase and sale of gold.

We offer multiple services to our clients (individuals and professionals) : investment advice, online news about the gold and precious metals market.

Take advantage of our professionalism in trading gold and precious metals for both your purchases and sales.

Take advantage of gold prices and live precious metals as well as a free, live estimation of your gold capital.

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Sell Gold

We buy your gold – gold coin, gold bar, jewelry and other gold item – with possibility of a paiement in Cash
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We offer a complete catalog of gold coins and gold bullion. Possibility to buy directly online!

Platinum / Silver / Palladium

We buy Silver, Platinum and Palladium wether in ingots, coins, cutlery, jewelery, cups, thermocouple and all other forms.

Refining & Foundry

Orobel has a foundry that allows individuals and professionals to analyze, melt and recycle all precious metals.

Gold Consulting

Orobel offers Gold Consulting sessions where our team answers all your questions about buying / selling gold!

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Estimate the value of your gold/silver for free ! Our prices are updated every minute with live cotation. No registration required. Instant result.
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Track gold and precious metals prices in real time with interactive charts, tips, and complete information pages.
We offer news post dealing with the actuality of gold and precious metals, but also all our expertise through our comprehensive analysis, our advice and summaries of market trends. Completely free !


Discover through our wonderful pictures the unique history of gold. An original portfolio that only Orobel can offer!
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Our online store shop.orobel.biz is available 24/7. Prices are updated in real time with the price of gold, so you can buy your gold in all its forms at the best prices. Where you want, when you want. We offer secured shipping all across the world!

Our customer reviews

The opinions of our customers are one of our greatest satisfaction and drive us to constantly give the best of ourselves to make you enjoy a unique service and quality. Thank you for your feedback!

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