Agency for promotional purposes, the World Gold Council is a major player in the gold market worldwide.

Created in 1987, aims to promote the demand for gold across the world. It brings together the main companies producing precious metals such as Barrick Gold, Kinross or even Franco Nevada.

The WGC is notably known for having created the tracker Street TrackX Gold Shares, known under the name of Euronext Lyxor GPS. This tracking system makes it possible to trade gold in the form of equity securities. With one exception! The title is guaranteed 100% by physical allocated gold (1 title Lyxor = 1 / 10th of Troy ounce)

Its presence is worldwide and its website is a true gold mine of information. We present in this article its main lines of heads.

p19n9o9cu617q0mlnj5u1nq81rod6Somasundaram PR is since January 2013 the Director General of WGC office in Mumbai. Its role is to lead and promote the activities of the body through the market of Hindu gold. With great experience in the field of Banking and in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, he has held the positions of CEO Lakshmi Vilas Bank and STCI.

p19n9o9cu6b8g1cr6k1l143r1sfn5Former spokesperson for DeBeers and having held senior positions at Miramax and JWT, Sally Morrison is in charge of operations in the field of jewelery WGC worldwide. This old graduate of Oxford encourages and highlights the work of artists and designers in the use of gold for luxury jewelery.

p19n9o9cu6chirbs1rfq1pt11baq4Also former graduate of the class of 1990 at the University of Oxford, Robin Lee is in charge of operations of financial audits. Former consultant of the famous Boston Consulting Group, he focused particularly on the financial and strategic aspects of consulting assignments.

p19n9o9cum1d4elel4je15csg507With a heavy baggage in terms of training (Cambridge University and Harvard Business School) Terry Heymann works closely with member companies of the WGC. his task is to enforce socio-economic rights of mining activities. Its development work aims to make the gold industry a major role in the economy and reducing conflict in producing countries.

p19n9o9cum1uup5tvfko1phm13a9aHaving spent many years working in investment banks like Rabobank, Marcus Grubb hired many partnerships as part of its business, particularly with ETF Securities. Through its role as strategic director, its charge is to guide producers to emerging markets, particularly Asia. It is also actively working on the development of the gold price in the near future.

p19n9otu2e9vqvp61gkapot16ksiNatalie Dempster is the spokesman for the World Gold Council with central banks and public affairs. Former economist of the Royal Bank of Scotland, it has an advisory role and support regarding the management of assets in gold.

p19n9o9cum1hne1b9p1s3g18gs1eo69Former Director of Communication (BPP University College of Professional Communication), Brenda Bates is in charge of developing the World Gold Council in the press and media. It organizes the promotion of Association specifically for each type of target markets

p19n9o9cum1in16fsfhv109e39a8With subsequent experience of 30 years in the field of consulting, Aram Shishmanian is the “leader” of the association. It is particularly known for his participation in major Accenture and CEO role he held within the group.