On gold, we can read everything and its opposite. there are the “cranks” of gold that incense and those who despise it.

Why is there so different perspectives on gold, hatred to the fascination ?

Gold has a long history and has built an image in our unconscious …. but this image is there. It inspires us wealth, beauty and solar side.

Who doesn’t know what is gold ? From the jewellery, to gold coins through the gold bars, from the uneducated to the Nobel Prize.

Very few people don’t know this yellow metal that is GOLD !

its story is in the collective unconscious. The history of gold, it’s in each of us and is old over 2500 years.

The gold is not worth anything and is not so useful because although little used in industry. And so, some say that its value is virtual or overrated.

Imagine ! All that is human, to the grueling task, sometimes risking their lives by sinking into our land to snatch a gold sequin….

All this in order to put it in the form of gold bars and sum all again buried in chests.

It is a little and why not, really stupid !

However, a material can be neither stupid or intelligent !

A commodity can’t neither bankrupt nor make fortune. It fluctuates according to supply and demand.

This’s not the case of a company, of a currency that it may disappear.

A currency always that one or not, a limited life time.

Yet it is so, gold is extremely rare and hard to find ….

If it weren’t, you would be digging your garden or in the forest and not reading this article.

Cleopatra to Napoleon until today. Gold built its image, its value.

Giving him one day warranty status in our banknotes !

For 1971 to 1976, removed that status gold standard.

Its rarity and the energy it takes to extract prevented our central banks create money

This money that we lack so much, for you and me, as for our governments.

We all run after money and the money runs faster.

Gold has in reality the value that markets give to it.

The value which is given can’t be neither stupid nor intelligent.

It’s difficult to imagine that the whole of humanity for 2,500 years by giving a value to GOLD clung deceived.