The brand with the famous logo of the Apple strikes again ! With its new Apple Watch 18k gold, available in 8 different models, Apple unleashed chronic and announces a special price for this special edition … from $ 12,200 to $ 20,000 !

Cuppertino’s firm claims the technical aspect of manufacture. An alloy respecting precise dosages cast in a mold. The “internal hardening process ” would probably put forward a heat treatment. Unless the remaining 25% of the alloy homemade contain base metals, making the final box “up to twice as hard as the traditional gold”, as Apple points out.

These refining techniques are however known and used for many years !


The “little ingots” are then compressed and rolled / laminated to the desired thickness. Thoroughness goes further ! Ultrasound scanners sift the housings to detect defects in the metal.

But at the rate of this gadget sold for high prices, you can also buy :

  • More than 25 iphones 6 !
  • More than a dozen Macbook !
  • A nice car !
  • Or else … half a kilo of fine gold !!!

Indeed, the case in itself only between weighs 55g (38mm model) and 69g (42mm model). A value in fine gold between $ 1670 and $ 2119.

“ONLY $ 1670 ?!” are you asking ? Yes luxury and prestige are expensive ! And that’s what hope Apple through its prestigious watch : selling to famous personalities to make maximum promotion for its Apple Watch more “low-end”. If a celebrity wearing the watch on your wrist, all his fans will be aware and will fall-back on cheaper models.

So Apple has not lost its sense of Marketing !