It’s often said that gold tends to keep its purchasing power over time. Considering this fact, investors tend to buy gold to counter inflation and fluctuation in currency values.

The buying power of many currencies has generally declined due to the effect of price increase of food and services, which partly explains the rise of gold in recent years.

Main investors like Jim Rogers are extremely confident for bullish positions on raw material over the coming years.

Why should you invest in gold :

  1. Gold is, and will always be the most precious and the most prestigious metal all over the world.
  2. The countries debt and augmentation of monetary mass influence the increasing in the price of gold.
  3. Demand of gold is still increasing while gold production hasn’t stop declining during the last decade.
  4. Gold is a good investment that can maintain its value.
  5. Gold is a real alternative to paper money and may be used as international currency.
  6. Gold has an intrinsic value, unlike currencies, stock and bonds.
  7. Buying physical gold is one way to make a lasting investment.
  8. During high inflation, gold is still a good placement.
  9. Gold increases its value during times of crisis, insecurity, wars and natural disaster.
  10. Gold must be in your investment portfolio for optimum diversification
  11. The French save up to 12% just by coming in Belgium.