Valcambi is a melter, assayer and a Swiss refiner accredited LBMA, gold bar manufacturers with awesome design. Let’s present this gold bar manufacturer renowned.


Presentation of the Valcambi company.

Based in Balerna, Switzerland, the company Valcambi figures among the dominant companies in Switzerland, which enjoys a worldwide reputation for gold and other precious metals (silver, platinum, palladium…) refining.

The company now provides services for the following activities : mining company, banks, refiners, recycle and watchmaker.

recyclagebanqueshorlogerraffineurssociété minièreValcambi reputation is felt through the many accreditation that have been assigned. Among :

  • Fairtrade
  • DPA Good Delivery Referee Certification
  • LBMA Responsible Gold certificate [button type = “info” target = “_ blank” link = logo Valcambi“http://www.valcambi.com/home/” icon = “info-sign”] Valcambi official website [/ button]
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • Member of NYMEX (CME Group)

lingot or 100g valcambi

certificat lingot or valcambi

The company is best known for the diversity and finesse of its products it offers. The sublime design of its gold bullion, the detail in the engraving and the beautiful packaging and the certificate of authenticity accompanying its gold bars made of Valcambi’s gold bars high-end products with high quality.


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They is also Combibars, Valcambi leading products in the form of small gold tablets connected each other.


combinais valcambi

combinais valcambi



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