At orobel you can sell and attend to all the meetings operations of your gold, such as gold filings, sweepings or trimmings.


Gold filings and sweepings.

Is designated as precious metals sweepings residues mixed with organic debris which can not be melted.

Depending on the type of sweepings, some are handled directly in the melting furnace. At Orobel you can assist to it with this kind of cast.

Others can be treated in a thermal incinerator until all the fuel elements are eliminated.

Ashes are recovered to ground and homogenized by mixing and then placed in a melting furnace of large capacity with a large amount of borax with other melting and oxidizing.

Sweepings are, for example :


  • Waste from polishing and gold-rich polishing powder.
  • Waste from jeweler.
  • Sweepings and vacuum the floor.
  • Filtration residues and sludge filtering.
  • End life clothing.
  • Borax


In the end, the cast is made in a specific and conical ingot mould.



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