Gold has always had a certain importance in most cultures of the world. Symbol of wealth, power and prosperity, it fascinates through the ages. Here is an article with the symbolism of gold across cultures.


Gold in Egyptian culture.

 masque or pharaon toutankhamon

Gold has been highly appreciated by the ancient Egyptians. Considered the flesh of the sun god, Ra. The Pharaohs and Egyptian queens had large reserves of gold and was a symbol of eternal life. The high social status or religious Egyptians were often buried in coffins made of solid gold inlaid with gold. 


Gold in Ireland.


The Irish long ago were making bracelets and gold necklaces (torcs, gorgets and crescent). They would often secreted deep in bogs and rivers as offerings to the Celtic gods.


Gold in Central America.



The ancient tribes of America offered gold to their gods by throwing it in a lake or a sacred river.


Gold in the African culture.



Many African cultures used gold on a large scale. In most cases, gold was used to create objects to beautify the courts of their chiefs and officers. Many countries have special workshops exclusively used for the production of gold objects. The products of these workshops were often very elaborate and were mostly used for ceremonial purposes. Gold is known to have been exported at different times, mostly from Ethiopia, Sudan and Bantu region.


Gold in Asian culture.


gold asian cultureArchaeologists discovered pieces of gold jewelry certain Asian plants, gold objects dating from the time of Christ’s birth.

China was (and still is) a country where gold has a wide use. Already in 1100 BC, is encrusted in gold and bronze objects in many jewels, and the use of gold continued through the different royal dynasties.





Gold in Ancient Rome.


gold antic romaGold as precious metal was especially popular in Roman times. With the growth of cities and culture, Rome has attracted talented artisans who have created a wide range of gold jewelry (cameo pins, rings, pendants, earrings, headpieces). Historians believe that the tradition of using a gold ring to symbolize marriage and commitment comes from the Roman era.

Over time the Romans extended the use of gold beyond jewelry and used it to make pots, ornaments and household items in the homes of the upper classes. The presence of a lot of gold in the house was a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The advent of Christianity ended the tradition of burying the dead with their gold jewelry.