In Portugal, the majority of gold is in form of 19.2 carats that is to say 80% gold and 20% other metals.



19.2 carat gold is the highest gold titration in Europe for jewelry but it is a specific titration for gold in Portugal which is the 800/1000.

18 carat is the most common in Europe (18 carat gold = 75%) and is also legal in Portugal but have to be reported by the dealer.

Pure gold is very soft and therefore difficult to work. It must be alloyed with other metals to make it harder and set its color.

The three most common colors of gold in Portugal from 19.2 carat are :

  • Yellow – Composed of 80% pure gold, 13% silver and 7% copper.
  • Red – made of 80% pure gold 17% copper and 3% silver.
  • Grey or white – Composed of 80% pure gold alloyed with palladium and other metals.

To know the price that Orobel gives you to purchase your gold 19.2 carats gold jewelry (or 800/1000) you simply divide the price of 18 carat by 18 and then multiply by 19.2

Our spectrometer allows us to check and pay you your 19 carat gold or 800/1000 at its fair price.


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