The largest gold coin in the world is currently the part of one million Australian dollar Australian Nugget. Created by the mint in Perth in 2011, the piece does not weigh less than one ton (1012 kg to be exact), the nominal value is less than the value of weight in gold.

This huge piece of gold nugget australian has a diameter of 800 mm and a thickness of 120 mm, approximately that size because there is no longer the millimeter! The room even has its official website.

The head of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is listed, and a Red Kangaroo, a symbol of Australia.

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However, this piece is not sold a single copy only for promotional tools. The biggest piece of gold existing in multiple copies and “outstanding” is not it but the gold coin a million Canadian dollar as the Royal Canadian Mint has pressed and sold five times. As for the Australian gold coin, the nominal value is less than value of gold it contains, the head of Queen Elizabeth II appears there as well as Canada’s national symbol, the maple leaf.

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The only outstanding issue, is that someone has tried to play with a coin ?

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