You want to sell your gold ?


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Specialist in Belgium in buyout of gold, Orobel purchase gold in all of its forms :

– All Scrap Gold Jewelry (Necklace, Rings, Bracelets, Medals, etc…)
– Gold coins ( Napoleon, Vrenelis, Sovereign, Krugerrand…)
– Gold Bars and bullions
– Dental gold
– Gold powder, stars and nuggets from extraction
– Gold sweepings from jewellery workshops


Calculate the value of your gold? 

Estimate the value of your gold

You can obtain easily an estimation and have immediately a purchase price according precious metals spot prices worldwide. And know the value of your gold, bullions, coins, jewelery and all other form of gold.
All prices indicated are updated in realtime with the gold spot price.
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You are out of Belgium ?

Carte Orobel

Belgium law doesn’t apply any tax on gold deals or other precious metals. Then, prices are competitive compare to other countries. For example, french resident save a 10,5 % average compared to price they have in France.
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How to sell at Orobel ? 

You want to know how the sale at Orobel works ? We explain us everything on this link : how to sell gold at Orobel ?


Why sell gold at Orobel ? 

Recherche Orobel Melting, analysis, and refining of all type of gold and silver as well as all precious metals from platinum metal group.

rachat d'or en cash Purchase of your gold jewels, bars, gold/silver coins, and other goods in precious metals.

 A lot of equipments at disposal as a foundry and spectrometers for accurate analysis.

 Professional area online on our websites including purchasing prices custom-mades (Upon acceptance from you)

 Supports and customer-service at your serves for any questions by mail, phone and online chat.

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Can a US citizen in Belgium sell gold while there? How do you do it?

Yes, it is possible for an American citizen to sell gold in Belgium. It depends on the quantity you want to sell and the method of payment you want. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email for a more complete answer!

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