Sell gold in CASH

You want to sell gold and prefer a cash payment? Orobel buy your gold, regardless of its form and condition and pay you in cash! Sell gold jewelery, gold bullion and gold coins and other items containing gold and get paid in CASH!

No payment limit

Orobel is your partner for all your gold sales, whether in small or large quantities. Orobel buys in cash without any limit of amount.

Discretion assured

Your safety and comfort is one of our priorities. That’s why we welcome you in a discreet and secure private offices for all your gold sales.

A tailor-made service

More than a gold dealer, Orobel is your partner in buying and selling gold. We are here to serve you and advise you in a personalized way.
Simple conditions for a sale of gold in Cash.

In order to offer such a service and allow you to benefit from a completely legitimate cash payment, Orobel and its customers must respect certain specific laws where we are established.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Sell gold in cash for € 5,000 +

For a gold sale of 5,000 € and more, we welcome you in our private German offices to offer you a buyback of your gold in CASH. Our German offices are totally discreet and are accessible only by appointment.

To benefit from a buyback in CASH for amounts over € 5,000 simply contact us 48 to 72 hours in advance to prepare your arrival and to process your sale.

Sell gold in cash in Belgium
With the new Belgian legislation in force, all gold dealers in Belgium can buy gold up to € 500 per day and per person.

You have the right to sell gold anonymously.

Selling gold anonymously becomes more and more complicated, and many give up this right. At Orobel, we do everything possible to make the most anonymous sale of gold possible by offering a cash buy-back.

With Orobel, you can sell gold in total anonymity up to € 10,000 in CASH. Beyond this ceiling, you can still sell gold in cash, but an ID is required for legal purposes. Orobel does not disclose your sale.

Up to 10,000 € in total anonymity

Any questions regarding the sale of gold in cash?

Our entire team is at your disposal if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us now via the online support, by phone or email!

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