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Sell gold at Orobel from outside Belgium

Take advantage of the benefits offered by Orobel when selling your gold, whether you are Belgian or resident outside Belgium. You can either sell your gold and other precious metals to our private offices (Belgium / Germany), or sell gold without even moving.

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Benefit from many advantages when selling gold with Orobel

In Belgium there is no tax on transactions of gold or precious metals. The sale is more interesting in Belgium than in the bordering countries, the gains made justify the journeys. For customers outside Belgian territory, you can send us your parcels by post in a “Collissimo” box with a phone number, to contact you, as well as a RIB key (Bank Statement of Identity).
For all important quantities, please make an appointment or tell us the day of your visit.
in your pocket !

Our French customers always favor Orobel for the quality of the service, but also for the advantageous taxation that we offer them: by selling gold in Belgium, they don’t pays a tax, that allows them to recover on average more than 10 % of the amount of their gold sale!

Payment in cash or by bank transfer? You have the choice!

If you travel to our offices for your gold sale, you will have the option to choose between a payment by bank transfer or payment in CASH. In our Belgian offices, we can pay you up to 500 € per day per person. If you have a large amount and want a cash payment, we can buy gold in cash at our German office, without a limit of amount.

How to send us your gold?

Are you out of Belgian territory? You can send us your gold easily! Located in the heart of Liège, Orobel SPRL welcomes you in its store but if you are out of the territory, you can use parcels by registered post. You will enjoy the benefits and quality of Orobel without even having to move.
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You have more questions ? Our team will be happy to answer you by phone (+32 4 222 45 07) or by mail (info@orobel.biz) from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h.

Shipping procedure from France

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If you wish, you can make a first self-assessment of your gold. Use a precise scale and our online simulator.
Automatically updated, it guarantees you a result faithful to the variations of the gold price.
Prepare a package (Collissimo type) with your contact details – surname, first name, address and telephone number – and a RIB key (Bank Account Statement).
Once we have received your package, our experts weigh and analyze your gold to determine its fine gold content. Items that are not made of precious metals will be returned to you.
Then, one of our collaborators contacts you to propose you an offer which relies on the expertise carried out.
If the offer suits you, we will pay you the agreed sum.
If you feel that our offer is unsatisfactory, just let us know and we will send you your gold free of charge.