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Our Foundry
Refinement – Refining – Casting – Recycling
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As a true leader in gold buying / selling in Belgium, Orobel has at its disposal a complete gold foundry and various machines to offer a foundry and analysis service for all of customers.
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Melting gold and precious metals

With high-end professional machines, Orobel offers the analysis and smelting of your precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Analyze the gold content of your old jewelry and see their transformation into a pure gold bar. Attend an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, or a complete cast of your precious metals: with Orobel, you have the service of a complete foundry.

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Our induction furnace allows to mount at very high temperatures allowing the fusion of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals.

Thanks to a complete catalog of ingot molds and crucibles, Orobel allows the melting of small as well as large quantities of gold and precious metals. You can melt some jewelry like large amounts of waste and workshop waste without any worries.

We also have several accurate scales for weighing before and after processing your precious metals. This will give you a clear estimate of the losses due to different wastes and other non-metal residues.

The induction furnace

You can witness the melting of your precious metals accompanied by our foundry. You can thus check for yourself all the steps necessary for the melting and processing of your precious metals. You also benefit from a unique experience in our gold foundry and find answers to all your questions about metal casting.

A cast of all precious metals

With more than ten years’s experience, we can melt all the most important precious metals. Thus, your various jewels, cutlery and other objects can be transformed into net ingots: no more waste and / or residues of other materials!

Precious metals treated by Orobel: GOLD – SILVER – PLATINUM – PALLADIUM

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The fluorescence spectrometer

The new modern methods make use of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy with the help of technology. This tool makes it possible to know very precisely the quantities and proportions of the different precious metals present in any object. At Orobel, you can attend all operations and thus see for yourself, your loss of fonts on your lots of jewelry, waste precious metals, your recovery powders and lots of polishing powder and as well as to note with us, the results obtained by our spectrometer.

Discover a complete gold cast in video

A complete video made by the Orobel team to explain all the steps of a gold casting.

How is the melting of your precious metals?


Make an appointment

To make an appointment, you just have to contact us by phone (Monday to Saturday, from 10h to 18h). We will set a date together for your cast.


Cast / Recycling

We melt and recycle all of your precious metals with weighing before / after melting (waste estimation). You can attend all of these operations!


Analysis and Payment

Once completed, we analyze the grade of your gold and calculate the cash value. We then proceed to a repurchase of classic gold.

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Our gold casting / precious metals service is free on resale.

If you have decided to sell your precious metals at Orobel, our foundry service is totally free. You do not need to melt your gold or precious metals elsewhere, saving you time and money.

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Our foundry is also at the disposal of professionals!

If you are a professional and you do not have a foundry at your disposal, we will be happy to be your partner for your different fonts of gold, silver, platinum and palladium!

Orobel offers a foundry service for professionals requiring the melting of precious metals in various forms for final ingots. You benefit from:

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  • Weighing your precious metals before melting, including residues
  • Analysis of your precious metals
  • Cast your precious metals
  • Converting your precious metals into ingots
  • Weighing your precious metals in the form of ingots
  • Analyzing your precious metals in the form of ingots


Note: our analyzes are performed with high-end x-ray spectrometers. Even if our machines are reliable, they can not be enough for an official certification of your gold or your precious metals. We can undertake to offer you an official certification with our partners for an additional fee.
You can register at any time to our professional area and discover our different formulas for professionals.