How to sell your gold at Orobel ?

Sell gold at Orobel

Selling gold at Orobel has never been so easy and accessible to everyone. Whether you are an individual or a professional, in Belgium or abroad, take advantage of our speed, our discretion and a unique service.

For selling your gold at Orobel, you have two possibilities.

Selling gold at store

We welcome you to our store to evaluate your gold and offer you a payment in cash * or by bank transfer according to your preferences.

Our team will be happy to analyze your gold, coins, jewelry and other gold items at your side.

We have the necessary equipment (Acids, Spectrometer, etc.) to expertly assess your property. After expertise and following the course of gold, we offer a price defying all competition.

Selling Gold at distance

You can’t go to one of our store? Send us your gold by parce at the address below (with declared value pack).

Attach the package photocopy of your ID and a RIB and your contact details.
Once your parcel has been received in the shop, we will examine your gold coins and / or jewels and will communicate by telephone the value estimated by our team.

After telephone conversation, we will send you the sum by bank transfer. If the estimate of your gold does not suit you, we will send it to you at no cost.

29, Rue Saint-Gangulphe
4000 Liège, Belgique

New store in Germany

In addition to welcoming you to our main offices in Liege (Belgium), Orobel offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our many other services through our German branch (Orobel GMBH).
  • Purchase & Sale of gold in cash
  • No cash payment limit (buy / sell)
  • Private and discreet office
  • Any quantity of purchase / sale
  • Anonymity assured *
  • Less than an hour from our Belgian offices
* Identity take required for accounting purposes. These data are not disclosed to any organization.
boutique orobel liège belgique
You have more questions ?
Our team will be happy to answer you by phone (+32 4 222 45 07) or by mail ( from Monday to Saturday, from 10h to 18h.
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