You want to buy gold ?

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Purchase physical Gold. 

Orobel offer a wide variety of gold investment products and advise you in your choices. Our online shop give you the exact sell price of gold coins and gold bars according to gold spot price in realtime.

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Gold coins 

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You can purchase easily online or in our store your favorites gold coins ( Napoléon, Vrenelis (Swiss franc), sovereign, Krugerrand, 50 Pesos, Maple Leaf, ect…)  
A wide range of gold coins manufactured by International Mint worldwide. Buy gold coins at Orobel, it’s obtain the benefit to fix the price by phone or online in order to protect yourself against variation on the gold price.

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Gold bars 


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[slider_item title=”LBMA Certification” src=”images/acheter-or/slide-orobel-1.jpg” ]All our gold bars and bullions are LBMA guaranteed, accreditation which permit to sell them worldwide.  [/slider_item]
[slider_item title=”Wide range of gold bars” src=”images/acheter-or/slide-orobel-2.jpg” ]Get a large variety of gold bars, cast and minted (5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg) [/slider_item]
[slider_item title=”All brands available” src=”images/acheter-or/slide-orobel-3.jpg” ]We purpose you a wide range of gold bars from brands recognized worldwide (Umicre, Metalor, Valcambi, Credit Suisse). [/slider_item]


We offer a various choice of casted and minted gold bars and bullions from several brands (Umicore, Metalor, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, etc…). Whatever your budget or spending limit, we purpose at our customers gold bars and gold bullions in different sizes from 5g to 1kg. All our gold bars sold are accredited LBMA & tradable worldwide.

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Acids, weighing scales and other products 

Get an acid kit with its touchstone and a weighing scale in order to test your gold directly from home. Orobel, it’s also specific products for jewelry. We provide fine gold and silver shots in order to respond to your needs.

Come buy your magnifying glass x10 and your diamond testor !

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Benefits to buy at Gold-buying


  Competitive prices compare to our competitors.

  Fast and secure delivery for your order.

  A large choice of gold bullions and coins.

  Prices updating in realtime according to the gold spot quotation

  Your ideal partner for small or big investment in gold.


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