When you want to invest in gold, several choices are available. Gold coins are a great way to invest because they are very liquid in the gold market and enable to split your savings.

Today, Orobel present one of the most know gold coin for investment : the australian nugget from Perth Mint.


Features of the Australian Nugget gold coin.

L’Australian Nugget ou nugget australien figure parmi les pièces d’or d’investissement et figure l’une pièce d’or d’une d’or fin les plus pures (Après la Maple Leaf). Cette magnifique pièce d’or d’une once est frappée par Perth Mint, l’atelier de frappe australien en charge de la frappe des pièces d’or et des lingots d’or. 

Coins 1 oz (ounce) 1/2 oz (ounce) 1/4 oz (ounce) 1/10 oz (ounce) 1/20 oz (ounce)
Gross weight 31,103 g 15,554 g 7,777 g 3,111 g 1,556 g
Fine gold weight 31,103 g 15,554 g 7,777 g 3,111 g 1,556 g
Titration / Purity 999,9 ‰ 999,9 ‰ 999,9 ‰ 999,9 ‰ 999,9 ‰
Face Value 100 $ AU 50 $ AU 25 $ AU 15 $ AU 5 $ AU
Effigy Elisabeth II Elisabeth II Elisabeth II Elisabeth II Elisabeth II
Diameter 32,60 mm 25,60 mm 20,60 mm 16,60 mm 14,10 mm
Thickness 2,80 mm 2,40 mm 2,00 mm 1,50 mm 1,30 mm

Observe of the Australian Nugget gold coin.

p19vfhidj0145b12931qdd15fa6854The obverse of the Australian Nugget gold coin represent a kangaroo. Following the year of coinage, the pattern and the design of the kangaroo change. Old Australian Nugget minted displayed before a gold nugget on their observe.

Reverse of the Australian Nugget gold coin.p19vfhj0271gesu8e1bkl14rt4fk8

The Australian Nugget gold coin present in its reverse the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, whose face was adapted over time to her appearance. England queen’s profile is surrounded by the words “100 dollars Australian Nugget“.

History of the Australian Nugget gold coin.

In 1986, the Royal Perth Mint from Australia issued a series of four gold coins that was supposed to remind the beginning of the Australian gold rush.

The Perth Mint decided to present on the Australian Nugget’s design 4 famous gold nuggets discovered in Australia.

  • 1 oz : Welcome Stranger, 72kg gold nugget discovered in 1869 by John Deason and Richard Oates.
  • 1/2 oz Hand of Faith, gold nugget discovered in 1980 by Kevin Hillier. It measured 47 cm high and 20 cm x 9 cm wide. Today it is the casino Golden Nugget in Las Vegas who own it.
  • 1/4 oz : Golden Eagle, 35 kg gold nugget discovered by Jim Larcombe in 1931.
  • 1/10 oz : Little Hero, 10,5 kg gold nugget discovered in 1890 in the Coongan River.

The 1986 series is composed only “PROOF” gold coins (Proof Quality). In 1987, it began to be issued coins with the 1986 patterns as “Uncirculated”. For the year 1987, it was issued “PROOF” gold coins with new design.

  • The 1 oz gold coin had the “Poseidon” gold nugget on the observe.
  • The ½ oz gold coins had the “Bobby Dazzler” gold nugget.
  • The ¼ oz gold coin nugget displayed the “Father’s Day” gold nugget.
  • For the 1/10 oz gold coin, it was chosen “Golden Aussie” gold nugget.

The pattern and design of “Uncirculated” gold coins issued in 1987 are identical to the “PROOF” set from 1986. The series of 1988 as “PROOF” shows again other nuggets :

  • 1 oz = “Pride of Australia”
  • ½ oz = “Welcome”
  • ¼ oz = “Ruby Well”
  • 1/10 oz = “Jubilee”.

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Why buy Australian Nugget gold coins ?


Despite having met a limited success initially, Australian Nugget gold coins met subsequently a great success. It is now strongly demanded in the gold market.

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