You may not have noticed compared to the price you pay at the gas pump, but the price of oil has dropped dizzyingly for two years.


Its price went from $ 100 a barrel to less than $ 50 today, but it was underneath the threshold of $ 30 earlier this year. 


The reasons are many but for simplicity a slight decrease in global consumption, increase in shale oil production, and the return of Iran to the world market. The fall in prices is very bad news for attracting investment to exploit new wells and reservoirs.


This will have the effect of probably causing a small oil crisis in a short time, about three to five years, but it will only be a temporary crisis because the price increase will cause a major new wave of investment that will solve the crisis in no time.

As for the case of gold, the effect is immediate but temporary. This will be a peak of a few months at most. There is a reason why petrol/oil is often called black gold.