Buy Gold in Cash

You want to invest in gold discreetly and out of the banking circuit? Orobel GMBH offers you the opportunity to buy gold coins and / or gold bullion in CASH. Discover on this page how to buy gold in cash quickly, discreetly and at the best price on the market.

Discretion assured

Buying gold in cash gives you some discretion in the eyes of the state and your banking institute. Orobel GMBH offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this discretion for your cash purchases.

Security and Comfort

Quality of service and security are important to us. That’s why we welcome you to our German private offices. A discreet and secure framework for all cash transactions

Best-Quality of Service

We guarantee high quality products: our gold coins are analyzed and selected for their marketable value. Our ingots are from LBMA certified manufacturers ensuring quality and international exchange.
How is the purchase of gold in cash?

If the coins and/or ingots you want to buy are available in stock, simply go to the store to buy gold in cash. In Belgium, you can buy up to 2500 € of monetary gold per day per person.

ou can always make an appointment for a larger purchase (unlimited cash) with our subsidiary Orobel GMBH.

In the case of an order over € 3,000 or an order whose products are not all in stock, the placement of a cash purchase order is done in three simple steps described below.

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Order placement
You go to the store to place your order. We can advise you in your choice of products if you wish. Then simply leave a deposit (possibility to pay the total amount) to confirm your order.
Order preparation
When your order has been validated, our team starts the preparation of your order. This step can take several days because it requires a careful analysis of the products and the preparation of a reliable and secure packaging.
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Order completion
Once your order ready, we invite you in the case of a down payment to pay the remaining amount of your order. Once the payment is complete, your order is ready and you can leave directly with this one!

Invest in gold like YOU want.

With Orobel, the purchase of gold in CASH is accessible to all, regardless of your budget. You can buy gold in our Belgian offices up to 2500 € / day and per person. And with our German Store, Orobel GMBH, you can buy gold from € 3000 and … without limits!

Buy Gold. With Discretion.


Your banker or the Fisc is not obliged to know any of your actions. If you want to buy gold without your bank or a government institution knowing it, buying gold in cash is the most appropriate legal solution. At Orobel, we want to protect your privacy and your need for discretion, so we do our best to offer you a reliable and discreet service.

The purchase of gold in cash is becoming complicated everywhere in Europe. In France, it is forbidden to buy gold in cash! In Belgium, the legislation allows a cash purchase of up to € 2,500.

Germany being a country where the liquid is still very much appreciated, has no limit to purchase gold in cash. That’s why we created our subsidiary Orobel GMBH: to offer the purchase of gold in cash without any limit to all our customers, be they Belgian or international.

Better: our customers can via our subsidiary buy gold up to 10,000 € in total anonymity. Beyond 10.000 €, it is always possible to buy gold in cash with a simple identification for accounting purposes.

regarding the purchase of gold in cash?

Our entire team is at your disposal if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us now via the online support, by phone or email!

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