07 Jul: Why invest in gold ?

The chemical symbol for gold is Au and its atomic number is 79. Its main features are that it is inert and very malleable. Gold does not interact with other chemical compounds or products. Gold does not tarnish and strong acids have no effect on it except aqua regia. Cette page n’a…


07 Jul: Is gold really an open market ?

The abolition of the gold standard has given at this metal the attribute of “free market”. However if we refer to the story and since the arrival of GATA on the world stage, everything suggest that the fundamental laws don’t regulate everything and the irrationality prevails more and more. Cette page…


07 Jul: Make fortune by exploiting the galaxy !

A US company announces having received investments from two billionaires whose a great filmmaker for a pretty crazy project for the future… What is the common point between Google’s CEO and the Titanic’s film maker ? They both have invested their own funds in the company Planetary Resources, a company that getting into…