The chemical symbol for gold is Au and its atomic number is 79.

Its main features are that it is inert and very malleable. Gold does not interact with other chemical compounds or products.

Gold does not tarnish and strong acids have no effect on it except aqua regia.

Thus, gold is eternal and remains brilliant !

Gold has many industrial uses, but its main uses are historical. They were for jewellery and for money issues with its former role of gold standard.

Both are a store of value. Gold has been used as a store of value for at least 5000 years.

Although the gold standard was given up, the market give it again a gold standard and a monetary value replacement.

Gold is measured and prices are quoted in ounce. So we used this logical unit of weight to make some coins.

For the most known, the South African Krugerrand, the Britannia in England, The Canadian Mapple Leaf, Eagle $ 50 US, The Nugget in Australia, the Austrian Philharmonic and the Chinese Panda are coins which contain one ounce of fine gold.

Some are fine gold 999.9 / 1000, other alloys 91.6%.

Gold was often called “the barometer of fear. “

When people are worried about the economy – they turn to gold and make up its price.

The two main things that make people anxious are deflation and inflation.

Most believe that deflation is falling prices and inflation is rising prices.

In fact, rising and falling prices are only symptoms.

The root causes are decreases or increase of money supply.

Gold has the remarkable ability to kept its value in both scenarios, as inflationary and deflationary.

The proper way of thinking is to say that owning gold is like an insurance.

Gold is a store of value virtually independent of economic conditions.

Unlike company’s stocks, government bonds or a currency – gold will retain most of the time its value.

Its most important use of gold is insurance against paper currency of your country.

Almost all countries had at least one major “currency crisis” over the last hundred years.

Those who had some of their wealth in gold have kept their estate.

Unfortunately many people have seen their saves lost value and sometimes in few days.

Do not think gold as a way to make money. Do not try to “speculate”.

We think that it is better to buy gold in small quantities and regularly.

The percentage of your total wealth devoted to gold, in bullion or coins is a personal decision and depends on your particular situation. In Orobel, we advise 10 % of your personal assets.

In uncertain times, the percentage may be much higher.

Do not worry about selling your gold, except when the time comes.

Gold is recognized and appreciated around the world.

It is even easier to sell gold than buying gold!

Of course, gold can be still used in barter or trade as there are thousands of years.

To summarize, gold is an insurance policy against economic uncertainty.

Gold can protect against both deflation and inflation.

Everyone should invest a portion of its wealth in gold if possible.