Gold rush is a reality show from the Discovery Channel, it tells the story of six miners going on an adventure to Alaska, looking for the precious yellow metal: gold.

When we hear “reality show”, we think first of shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Jersey Shore”.

These shows provide basics entertainment, but there is close to nothing interesting to learn from it. This is belongs to a different category call “Docu-reality show”, keeping episodic format, but being closer to a documentary. Gold rush is an old show, but it’s really worth to discover.

Meanwhile, the scenario is similar to a Hollywood movie : start from nothing, questioning itself, working hard to reach their dream, and live happily with many children.

Of course money is involved to stay in the spirit of the American dream.

We embark on the adventure with six, all from a small village in Oregon; they’ve just lost their job due to the economic situation. So they decide to recuperate and go to Alaska and breathe some fresh air. But our dear comrades aren’t there to go hunting of fishing, they’re looking for …


p19n9ta5q85io1pm31kjt1t0k12d44Our six bearded adventurers depart suddenly in search of gold, going from one deposit to another throughout the show.

From a simple principle, the series turns out very interesting and fascinating : dialogues between miners, reversal situation multiples times, all of that with the soundtrack of “Pirate of the Caribbean”. In short, this show is really addictive !

Besides these entertaining aspects, the series is also a true gold mine of information and technical explanations on the methods of extraction used, geology and gold in general. 

This sure is enough to convince you to take your pick and watch this show.

It’s pretty much like the gold rush, but revisited for the 21st century.