A US company announces having received investments from two billionaires whose a great filmmaker for a pretty crazy project for the future…

What is the common point between Google’s CEO and the Titanic’s film maker ?

They both have invested their own funds in the company Planetary Resources, a company that getting into such a bet : drill asteroids looking for precious metals.

Resources in the cosmos almost unlimited.

So it’s a gold rush 3rd millennium version, the great Californian West replaced by the immensity of the cosmos. Larry Page (Google CEO) and filmmaker James Cammeron would be on the spot for this project worthy of a science fiction movie.

In the Earth’s neighbourhood, NASA recognize about 1,500 asteroids that can be reachable which 10% would be endowed with mineral resources.

An other company on the spot.

p19n9u104995c182f1c97p6q1nfu4“On a single asteroid 500 meters long, we could find platinum concentrations up to 20 times larger than anything that has been extracted on Earth since the beginning of humanity.”

This what has been mentioned by the company Deep Space Industries, another company that has smelled the vein. This technological jump could also develop the space industry and create jobs in the sector in the future.

It would send at first small probes to determine whether asteroids are indeed promising targets and then return to Earth samples of 25 to 65 kilos for analysis after missions 2 to 4 years .

The company still looking for investors working closely on the project with NASA.

Who knows, maybe we will see our TV screens appear behind an intergalactic version of Gold Rush !