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Published On: septembre 11th, 2015Last Updated: mars 6th, 2019
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Buying gold coins and at once an act which is done in a logical placement and security of their savings, but also a way to reach a character « extraordinary » to his gold investment. Gold coins depict a story and are all unique in that they have circulated from hand to hand or the time they were still in circulation.

Features of the 20 Francs gold Helvetia

Swiss real Napoleon, the 20 francs gold Helvetia is a gold coin which have the same features than the 20 Francs gold Napoleon, because it is part of the gold coins within the scope of the Latin Monetary Union. Also known as « head of Helvetia » or « Vreneli« , this gold coin weighs so 6,45g for holding gold end of 5,81g. Its titration is 900 ‰, a diameter of 21mm and a thickness of 1.25 mm.

The 20 Swiss Francs Vrenelis gold has been hit more than 58.9 million copies.

In summary :

Gross weight 6,45 g
Fine gold weight 5,81 g
Titration 900 ‰
Years of issue 1861 à 1870
Effigy Helvetia
Diameter  21 mm
Thickness 1,25 mm


 Observe of the 20 Francs gold Helvetia :


On the obverse of the coin features the profile of a bust of Helvetia, Switzerland feminine personification similar to the French Marianne. The Helvetia is wearing a dress of Edelweiss. The words « HELVETIA » in uppercase character, written along the edge of the room predominates above the Helvetia profile.


Reverse of the 20 Francs gold Helvetia :p19t82hnh81gsm1udjjuk1ihu2df4

The reverse of the 20 Francs gold Helvetia shows coats of Switzerland, surrounded by oak branches? From both sides of the Swiss shield, we distinguish the face value, « 20 » on the left and « FR » for Franks right. At the bottom of the room is the vintage, the year of minting gold coin and a letter (here « B » for the impactor workshop).

The reason for the 20 Swiss francs Vrenelis was designed by Fritz Ulysse Landry writer Neuchâtel.


History of the 20 Francs gold Helvetia

In 1847, Switzerland prepares its first Federal Constitution, giving the Federal State attribute. The cantonal currencies are then abandoned in 1850, due to a difficult to establish parity in favor of a single currency: the Swiss Franc was born (whose initial value attached to the French franc).

In 1865, Switzerland enters the Latin Union and the first Swiss gold coins with the head of Helvetia are then hit from 1873. The 22 stars visible on the edge of the 20 Swiss Francs Vrenelis gold correspond to 22 cantons Swiss.

26 vintages in total were struck between 1897 (just 12 coins are minted).


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Why buy 20 Francs gold Helvetia ?


The 20 Swiss Francs Vrenelis is a piece that is often found in good condition, because she knew the calm safes Swiss banks.

This piece is in great demand in his country of origin. Due to its characteristics similar to Napoleons, it is very liquid in the market and can ship and exchange easily. It thus is very popular throughout Europe because it is often a very nice appearance, in that it had very little circulated at the time.

The advantage of owning Vrenelis 20 Swiss francs is in its prime : it has a higher premium than 20 Francs Napoleon classic, and will enable you to boost your future capital gains. Indeed, when applicants do not find napoleons offer, they branch off the first 20 Swiss francs Vrenelis before turning to other gold coins of the Latin Union.


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The 20 Francs gold Helvetia is thus an investment gold coin of good quality gold, which will perfectly complement your savings in gold, making it more and more diverse fractional.


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