Investing in gold by buying gold coins can combine business with pleasure. Among the most known gold coins include the Napoleons, the iconic gold piece and favorite of French. Orobel propose today to discover this part through this article.


Features of the 20 Francs gold Napoléon III

The Napoleon is a gold coin of 900 ‰ titration, making it a very solid gold piece. The titration of 20 francs Napoleon was decided so because this gold coin was designed largely to trade. This gold coin weighs 6.45 grams for a capacity of 5,81g of fine gold. It measures 21.10 mm in diameter and 1.31 mm thick.

The 20 Francs Napoleon III laureate head Napoleon is among the most common. This series was hit 85,344,950 copies of 1861-1870.

In summary :

Gross Weight 6,45 g
Fine gold weight 5,81 g
Titration 900 ‰
Year of issue 1861 à 1870
Effigy Napoléon III
Diameter  21,10 mm
Thickness 1,31 mm


 Observe of the 20 Francs gold Napoleon III laureate :


On the obverse of the coin features the profile of Emperor Napoleon III, crowned with laurels. It also stands a ribbon down on the shoulder of the emperor. The design of the obverse of the 20 francs Napoleon III laureate head was designed by Albert Désiré Barré writer (1818-1878). You can read his name in any letters below the emperor in profile and the words « Napoleon III Empereur » surrounds his face.





 p19t0fl54s11trcm1ddu1g412ep5Reverse of the 20 Francs gold Napoleon III laureate :

The reverse of the 20 franc Napoleon III laureate head wears the imperial symbols. The eagle, the crown, the imperial mantle and the cross of the Legion of Honour, topped with a N for Napoleon. One also distinguishes the scepter and hand of justice. French around the arms, in an arc appear the words « Empire Français » Monetary value is placed on either side of the part, « 20 » left « FR » right. At the bottom of the gold coin is the vintage and a letter before the date indicating the impactor workshop.


The motto « DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE » is stamped on the edge of the coin.


The various emissions of the 20 Francs gold Napoléon III laureate

The 20 franc Napoleon III was hit in two French workshops : Paris (A) and Strasbourg (BB). Below is a listing of years of strikes and the number of coins issued:

List of emissions of the 20 francs gold Napoleon III laureate

Year of mint Mint Number issued
1861 A inconnu