Buying gold is the best way to diversify your investment and ensure a portion of your savings in case of financial crisis or crash. But which are the best gold coins to buy for investment ?


Among the various forms of gold that can be bought, gold coins have a really interesting aspect. Which one to buy ? And why gold coins are most interesting than bars and bullions to invest in gold ? 


Advantages of gold coins.

gold coins maple leaf

Gold coins have several advantages. In addition to having their own stories, they are easily transportable – due to their size – and are very liquid compared to gold bullion. They are traded around the world and can be exchanged easily in more or less important quantities.

Gold coins also make it easy to split your capital in gold.

In addition, gold coins can benefit from a highly leveraged thanks to the premium. The premium is the difference between the part of the selling price and the price of gold they contain. The premium varies according to demand and the state of the coin.


Which gold coins are best to buy ?

It first of all have to understand that when buying gold as coins, you buy in order to invest, not as a collector. 

The gold coins for investment have a purity of greater than or equal to 900 ‰. There are many different gold coins. We recommend the following gold coins : 



French gold 20 francs Napoleon.


Gross weight 6,45g
Fine gold weight 5,81g 
Titration  900 ‰
Face Value  20 francs
Diameter   21 mm
Thickness 1,3 mm 


Napoleon is the name given to all the French 20-franc gold coins minted since the law of 17 Germinal of the year XI (1802). Different effigies were successively put into circulation until 1914. Among the most common include Napoleon III bare head or laureate head, Ceres, the Genie and Marianne (also called Coq).

The premium on the Napoleon is currently almost zero. Thus, they remain very interesting gold coins for your first investment in physical gold.


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Swiss 20 francs Helvetia.


Gross weight 6,45g
Fine gold weight 5,81g 
Titration  900 ‰
Face Value  20 francs suisses
Diameter  21 mm
Thickness 1,3 mm 


The swiss 20 Franc Helvetia is a good alternative to the 20 franc gold napoleon. This gold coin own a little premium and is really interesting to invest in gold because as the napoleon, its one of the cheapest