Top 10 of the rarest gold and silver coins in the world !

Published On: septembre 11th, 2015Last Updated: août 26th, 2018
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Imagine coins that you used to pay the parking meter or buy your baguette and which today would cost a fortune … The coins, whether gold or silver exist in our societies for many long time, and some have become extremely rare !


Wondering how ? There are more than 200 historical pieces in the United States, whose value exceeds one million. The total estimated value of all these combined parts is about $ 550 million. And their values will continue to rise, the prices of some rising by over 50% in a few years!

What are they ? Here are the top ten pieces of the rarest currency, from the cheapest to the most expensive !


10 – Brasher Doubloon EB on Wing (1787) – 2.415.000 $


This gold coin produced by the goldsmith Ephraim Brasher sports an eagle accompanied by the initials of the silversmith printed on its wings. There is a similar piece with the same characteristics, whose initials are printed on the chest of the bird, and not on its wings.


9 – Queen Elizabeth II Million Dollar Coin (2007) – 4 millions $

p19u32c0vt69bfg01kij1cke1s39dThe Royal Canadian Mint created this piece of gold in 2007, with a nominal value of one million dollars. This is because this gold coin is made exclusively of a highly refined pure gold (999.99 ‰). This gold coin weighs incredible weight of 100 kilos and measures 53 centimeters in diameter. It shows the Queen Elizabeth II profile. This is the largest official portrait of the monarch on solid gold and three maple leaves on its reverse, Canada’s symbol. The piece was originally intended to be lent to one of the largest numismatic collections in the world in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna before being auctioned.


8 – 5 cents Liberty Head (1913) – 4,5 millions $


The Liberty Head is a 5-cent coin issued in 1913. Produced in limited quantities without the permission and approval of the United States Mint, she broke the $ 100,000 barrier. A copy of this piece was sold in 1972. 24 years later, she is the first coin has over one million dollars ($ 1,485,000 in 1996). Only five Liberty Head was recognized, both displayed in a museum and the other three remain in the hands of private collectors. In 2010, a collector bought a five coins in an auction for the sum of $ 3.7 million. The piece is estimated at $ 4.5 million.


7 – 5 $ Half Eagle (1822) – 6 millions $


The 1822 Half Eagle has a face value of $ 5. Approximately 17,796 pieces of gold as it were struck, only three specimens are known in the numismatic world. Two of the three are on display in the Smithsonian collection.


6 – Silver Dollar (1804) – 7,5 millions $


Only 15 of these silver dollars were minted in 1834. One of them was given to the Sultan of Muscat in 1836 as a diplomatic gift to the American ambassador on behalf of US President Andrew Jackson. This piece as PROOF 68 is now estimated at $ 7.5 million. There is a similar piece, struck the same year, from the batch of gift to the sultan, whose grade is lower (67 PROOF). This second piece was valued at $ 6.5 million.



We come to the half of the rankings! 5th place is awarded to one of the most famous American gold coins in the world of numismatics … I named the …



5 – 20 $ Double Eagle (1933) – 7,59 millions $


The $ 20 Saint Gaudens or 1933 double eagle is a gold coin has been struck in 445 500 copies. 1933 was also the last year of production of this piece. They were never put into circulation and nearly all were melted by government decision. Some copies were rescued, including one that was sold for the sum of $ 7.59 million in an auction.


Read also : the history of the 1933 20 dollars Double Eagle.



4 – Silver Dollar (1794) – 7.850.000 $


This 1794 piece is considered the first silver dollar struck by the United States Mint. It is also known as the Flowing Hating Dollar. It’s the most expensive piece owned by a private collector. It is considered extremely rare and a true national treasure.


3 – 20 $ Saint Gaudens (1907) – 8,5 millions $


This gold coin $ 20 from the year 1907 has a double thickness, a design of Augustus Saint Gaudens burner in very high relief. The Smithsonian has two copies of this rare piece.


2 – 50 $ Half Union (1877) – 15 millions $


The Smithsonian has two types of this piece, one with the J-1546 model and the other with the J-1548 model. The 1877 Half Union is a gold coin $ 50. There are a few years, these gold coins were valued at $ 10 million each. Their value has been increased by 50%.



We come to the end of our Top 10. The piece occupying the first place with an estimated value of 20 million dollars goes to …



1 – 20 $ Double Eagle (1849) – 20 millions $


In 1849, during the early days of the gold rush in California, the Royal Mint United States Mint American or gets hit this piece of gold in his studio in Philadelphia. The 1849 Double Eagle was manufactured with a face value of $ 20. There are just a few years, the value of the piece was estimated at 15 million! A year later, its value has increased by a third. The first gold coin $ 20 Double Eagle 1849 can be found at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Numismatic Museum.


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