Top 10 of the largest gold mine in the world

This article presents the ranking of the 10 largest mines and gold deposits in the world as well as operators mining companies.


The composition, characteristics and properties of gold make it a popular metal through the world. Extracting gold ore requires large facilities and many mining companies have exploited gold deposits to make the biggest gold mines in the world. Here they are :



10. Boddington gold mine, Australia


LocationPerth, Australia
Production in 2011741.000 ounces
OperatorsNewmont Mining


The Boddington gold mine is an open pit mine. Mainly extracted are gold and copper. The mine was in operation from 1987 to 2001. Its operation was resumed in 2010.


9. Kalgoorlie gold deposit


LocationKalgoorlie, Australia
Production in 2011750.000 ounces
OperatorsBarrick Gold, Newmont Mining


The Super Pit gold mine, located in Kalgoorlie deposit is a gold mine opened sky. It measures 3.8 km long, 2 km wide and 400 m deep. It is the largest gold mine open pit, Australia. The World’s Job approximately 550 people.


8. Lagunas Norte gold mine


LocationSantiago de Chuco, Peru
Production in 2011770.000 ounces
OperatorsBarrick Gold


Lagunas Norte is a gold mine, the largest of Peru. The gold reserves of the mine are estimated 5.8 million ounces of gold.


7. Tau tona gold mine


LocationCarletonville, South Africa
Production in 2011792.000 ounces
OperatorsAngloGold Ashanti


Tau Tona is an underground mining. With 3.9 km deep, is the deepest gold mine in the world. With its output of 15 tons of gold per year, it is one of the gold mines of South Africa’s most profitable. The mine was built by the Anglo American Corporation, which drilled the main well depth of 2 km in 1957. The Tau Tona name means « great lion » in the local language.



6. Vaal river gold deposit


LocationKlerksdorp, South Africa
Production in 2011831.000 ounces
OperatorsAngloGold Ashanti


The Vaal River gold deposit is an underground operation, located at the confluence of the Vaal River and Rietspruit rivers, and near the Bloemhof dam.


5. Veladero gold mine


LocationSan Juan, Argentine
Production in 2011957.000 ounces
OperatorsBarrick Gold


The Veladero gold mine began production in 2005. The gold open pit mine has significant resources of gold and silver. Its gold resources are estimated at 10 million ounces.


4. Goldstrike gold mine


LocationEureka and Elko county, Nevada, United States
Production in 20111.088.000 ounces
OperatorsBarrick Gold


Gold Strike is both a gold mine open pit and underground. Strike Gold is the largest gold mine in North America.


3. Yanacocha gold mine


LocationCatamarca, Pérou
Production in 20111.293.000 ounces
OperatorsNewmont Mining, Buenaventura, Banque mondiale


The Yanacocha gold mine in Peru is a gold mine open pit, the largest gold mine in South America. Archaeological evidence suggests that mining was developed between the second and the eighth century AD.


2. Cortez gold mine


LocationElko, Nevada, United-States
Production in 20111.421.000 ounces
OperatorsBarrick Gold


The Cortez gold mine is both an open pit and underground mine. It is characterized by its strong land easement, making his concession 2800 km2.


1. Grasberg gold mine


LocationPapua, Indonesia
Production en 20111.444.000 ounces
OperatorsFreeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold


The Grasberg mine is the largest gold mine and third largest copper mine in the world. It includes both an open pit and underground mine. Its reserves are estimated at 2.8 billion tonnes, with a grade of 1.09% copper, 0.98 grams / tonne gold and 3.87 grams / tonne silver.


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