The Maple Leaf Gold is a gold coin famous for its purity and quality of its invoice. Buy gold Maple Leaf coins is a great way to invest in order to diversify his investment in gold.


History of the gold Maple Leaf.


p1a18chv6ufdma6v1tn11mt0teg4The Maple Leaf gold coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. This pure gold coin quickly became a competitor and an alternative to the Krugerrand, unique gold coin an ounce available on the market at the time, which suffered the boycott of South Africa because of apartheid.

The Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf struck gold with 99.9% under the first 3 years. From 1982, the Maple Leaf gold coin is struck with a title of 99.99%.

Titration of the gold Maple Leaf, called the « five 9 » demonstrates exceptional purity of the Maple Leaf, making it very popular with investors.


Gold Maple Leaf design.


Observe of the gold Maple Leaf.

p1a18aran8p2618au1gl0d4o1b045The obverse of the gold Maple Leaf shows the portrait of the English Queen Elizabeth II. The nominal value of the coin in Canadian dollars and the year of minting appear on the obverse. The face of Queen Elisabeth II on the obverse of the gold coin is regularly adapted to the current appearance of the queen.





Reverse of the gold Maple Leaf.


The reverse of the gold Maple Leaf features the maple leaf, symbol of Canada. Above, the word « CANADA » is observed, rapping countries of the gold coin. Below indications « FINE GOLD 1 OZ PURE GOLD » give indications on the weight of fine gold from the Maple Leaf gold coin. To the left and right of the maple leaf is indicated titration 9999.

The edge of the coin Maple Leaf gold is grooved.


Features of the gold Maple Leaf.


Maple Leaf Face Value Fine gold weight Titration Diameter Thickness
1 ounce gold oz 50 $ CAD 31,103g 99,999 % 30 mm 2,87 mm
1/2 ounce gold oz 20 $ CAD 15,552 g 99,999 % 25 mm 2,3 mm
1/4 ounce gold oz 10 $ CAD 7,776 g 99,99 % 20 mm 1,78 mm
1/10 ounce gold oz 5 $ CAD 3,110 g 99,99 %