The biggest gold nugget

We must distinguish the nuggets found but melted (for obvious reasons transportability) nuggets that still exist in their original form.


First, the largest gold nugget ever found was the so-called “Welcome Stranger”, it measured about 61 cm by 31. It weighed 109.6 kg out of earth, to 78 Kg (including 72 gold end) once melted and freed of impurities. It was discovered by John Deason and Richard Oates in 1869 in the state of Victoria in Australia at least ten centimeters from the surface! The fact remains today that two replicas, one belonging to the City Museum of Melbourne and the other in descending from John Deason, a monument at the place of its discovery, and a commemorative statue.

The biggest nugget that still exists to this day is also the third largest nugget ever. It was discovered in Brazil in the state of Pará, at the Serra Pelada mine in 1983, this is also where many others were found large nuggets. It bears the name “Canaã Nugget” or “Pepita Canaa” and weighs almost 61 Kg, 52 Kg of fine gold. Unlike large nuggets 19th century, they saw an interest in keeping the nugget as it is. We can go see Banco Central Museum, museum owned by the Brazilian central bank that manages the Brazilian gold stocks which include the nugget in question.

There are many other unmelted specimens and exception as the “Hand of Faith” (hand of faith) below. But none is as big or heavy as those just introduce yourself.


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