Recognize the real of the fake : tutorial with Orobel

Be careful with swindling !


Ring marked 18 kt.

Steel jewelry with gold color.

Gold from Africa.


Fake ring marked 18 kt


Warning ! The presence of a 750 or 18ct gold punch 18 Ct or another is not a guarantee that good silk jewelry in gold and the title indicated. You should know that buying a punch Metal 750 or 18kt counter in stores and supplier of equipment for jeweler. Some scammers and forger thus obtain gold punches then scored rings or jewelry in brass. A scam ring is also very common. it is an alliance or wide enough and thick signet ring made of brass with most of the time, the punch 750 present inside.

The image above shows the color difference of the two rings of the same type before and after wear.
If this ring was made entirely of gold, it would weigh twice its weight due to the density of the principle explained above.


Steel jewelry with gold color.

Some Italian counterfeiters or other punching sell as white as gold jewelry that are not! Such jewelry hallmarked 18k are actually made of steel and rhodium to give a look and a white gold jewel color.

The trace of this jewelry is more or less correctly the touchstone. But the track is not in a similar color to a trace of a jewel in 18K. The hardness of the metal when rubbed on the stone should prompt extreme caution.

Also note that these jewels do not pass the test the spectrometer.


Gold from Africa.


Sometimes found in Europe faux African gold lots. They come in three different forms. Often it are imitations of chip factories in brass or copper alloys. Their size regularity should arouse your suspicions.

They exist also the scam to gold beads, factories like buttons, it is sometimes batch comes in Nairobi and Tanzania.


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