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Stamps and hallmarks.


Poinçons et titres légaux.

Historically, hallmarks were applied by a trusted party : the guardians of the job (in France, the common house goldsmiths) or nowadays by an analysis office. They appoint an official mark applied to a precious metal object, especially to guarantee the title and origin.

There is talk of hallmark when a mark is stamped on an object by a manufacturer in order to demonstrate and guarantee its origin. They nonetheless guarantee a certain purity and fineness of the metal, thus the title.



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As the marks are mostly marked content in thousandths (916, 750, 585 …) surrounded by a diamond or not.

In some cases, one can also see appear directly mention the 18 or 14K.

Here is a brief list of official French punches as the carat jewelry.

24 karats

22 karats

18 karats

14 karats

9 karats


Manufacturers marks.

The presence of a marking is not necessarily a sign jewelry in gold. then distinguished legal title to punch than the manufacturer. The gold plated jewelery generally have a square punch hollow with the maker’s mark.

Among the plated brands include:

  • Aurora
  • Murat
  • GL (Georges Legros)
  • GP for Gold Plated
  • The mention “Doublé



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