The twenty dollars gold is undoubtedly one of the most famous American gold coins. Double Eagle called our American colleagues, we present here the two main: Liberty & the Saint Gaudens.


The Liberty Head coin of 20 dollars in gold and its successor, the Saint-Gaudens, are the largest pieces produced (1850-1933) by the United States Mint.



Technical features of 20 Dollars gold coins.


Gross Weight 33.436 g
Fine gold weight 30.09 (0.9675 oz)
Titration 900 ‰
Diameter 34 mm
Thickness  2,48 mm

90 % gold

10 % copper


20 dollars Liberty Head.

The 20 dollars Liberty gold coin a US requested less and less appreciated because of seniority. There are 3 types shown in the different slides below :



Assess the conservation status of your 20 gold dollars depending on its color. From left to right: very fine, extremely fine, non-circulated.