The 20 franc Napoleon is among the best-known gold coins and more prevalent in the monetary gold market. They feature all the profiles of the Napoleonic royal lined and all the kings of France.



The designation 20 Francs Napoleon gold covers all french coins that were minted from 1802 to 1914. Knowing all 20 franc Napoleon, it’s like knowing the history of France. We present in chronological order all the parts of 20 existing Napoleon francs to date.



First Consul Bonaparte (XI Year – Year 12)



Emperor Napoleon intermediary bust


Napoleon bareheaded revolutionary calendar (Year 13 – Year 14)


Napoleon bareheaded Gregorian calendar (1806)


First Empire



Napoleon bareheaded, transitory-type (1807)


Napoleon laureate head, French Republic (1807 – 1808)



Napoleon laureate head, French Empire (1809-1814)


Napoleon laureate head, one hundred days (1815)






Louis XVIII dressed bust (1814-1815)


Bareheaded Louis XVIII (1816-1824)



Charles X matrix with the back four leaf and a half (1825-1830)



Charles X, the matrix side to five leaves (1827-1830)


There is a version in 1830 with the fluted edge



Louis Philippe (1830-1848)


There are 3 version of this piece:


Louis Philippe, Tiolier slice registered hollow (1830-1831)

Louis Philippe, Tiolier slice entered in relief (1830-1831)

Louis Philippe, Domard (1832-1848)


Second Republic



Génie (1848-1849)



Ceres (1849-1851)


Louis Napoleon (1852)



Second Empire


Napoleon III bareheaded (1853 – 1860)


Napoleon III laureate head (1861-1870)



Third Republic


Génie 3rd Republic (1871-1898)



Coq (also named Marianne) (1899-1914)



There are two versions of this piece: 

slice inscriptions : DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE (1899 – 1906) 

slice inscriptions LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE (1907 – 1914)




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