Platinum is used in many fields, including the chemical industry and automobile. Little known to the general public, its price is very high, however. Today we focus on platinum in the form of thermocouple.


Platinum in chemical industry



Platinum is used in the chemical industry for its unique properties. Indeed, this metal is resistant to high temperature corrosion and oxidation. Also used large quantities of platinum and platinum-rhodium alloy in the form of wire gauze to catalyze the partial oxidation of ammonia and to produce nitric oxide, a raw material for the production of chemical fertilizers, explosives, and nitric acid.

A wide range of platinum group metal alloys are used to produce elements of contacts low-voltage and low-power circuits, or for producing films and ultra-thin film thermocouples, electrodes and various electronic components.

It comes in the form of small son purposes. We call them Type S thermocouples son These may consist of:

  • 90% platinum / 10% rhodium
  • 75% platinum / 25% rhodium


Platinum in motor industry.


Platinum is also used in the automotive industry for its properties. Indeed, it is a powerful catalyst and is then used for the manufacture of catalytic converters.

The exhaust gases flow through conduits in a chamber made of stainless steel. These ducts have a honeycomb structure, covered with a layer of crystals such as alumina, ceria and at least three « precious metal » namely rare metals of the platinum group.

Platinum catalysts are used in the refining and processing of petroleum and in other processes for the production of gasoline and aromatics in the petrochemical industry.


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