Our new spectrometer x-ray fluorescence ensures that all precious metals will be seen and valued by him.



This spectrometer uses a si-pin detector most efficient.


Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are analyzed (determination of precious metals) and evaluate by percentage accurately and precisely of each precious metal in 1 minute.


The percentages of the base metal and non-precious are also evaluated.


This spectrometer allows to us, in most of cases, to accurately assess your raw gold bullion melt in our workshop.


At Orobel, you can attend to all the operations and see yourself,  your melting and casting losses on your jewelry lots, waste powders of precious metal that your recovery and your polishing powder batches and to see with us the results on our spectrometer.

We can melt your gold jewelry by titration, which allows you to check for any errors in the way of testing by the touchstone.


Our powerful induction furnace allows fast melting whether for a few hundred grams lot or for some kilos.

This oven is also very effective for melting of native gold, whether batches of gold nuggets or gold stars of 22 carat.

So a lot can be cleared at Belgian customs in the morning, melted and measured and valued in the same day.