Orobel provide a perfect service in precious metals

We have solutions for all purchases, buyouts and precious metals recycling.



With over 18 years in the sector, orobel is now a famous actor.

We offer complete solutions for the entire chain of precious metal value. Our new spectrometer based on a technology-if pine is able to make complex precious metal estimates.

This includes everything proviens crude bullion, gold mining of origin and funding of gold recycling, analysis, refining, recovery of all precious metals, through the finished products, such as the trading of gold bars and LBMA silver and gold coins. We also offer trading service and brokerage and logistics services.

We know provide most of the precious metal shot for industrial use.

Platinum and palladium lots are provided in sealed bag accompanied by their ICP analysis

in the desired amount. Platinum can be provided upon request in the form of ingot 3500 gr.




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