Orobel has recently established a partnership with Tradingview.
Our precious metals quotation’s page enable you to track all the precious metals prices directly.


The detailed window displaying the spot price in ounce (oz) enable you to see the price chart in candlestick with a 1min timescale, though the price is displayed on the right of the page in real time.

The candlestick therefore will close after one minute of quotation, to make appear the following candlestick.

If you want to know the value of platinum, its price and the price of one ounce of platinum, click here.


In the XPT’s chart window, you can replace EUR for the platinum price in EURO by USD or even another currency of your choice.

To discover the available currencies, you must type XPT in the top left window.


The platinum price per kilo’s detailed window only enable you to have day candlestick due to calculation.

But if you follow in a minute on the one ounce chart and get an idea of the platinum price in KILO, simply multiply the price per ounce by 32.15.

For the price of platinum per gram, simply divide the price per ounce by 31.1.

You can see the platinum price over 10 years or obtain the historical platinum price of your choice by changing the time scale of your candlesticks over a month.

Feel free to play with the options in the window Trading View, you will quickly understand how to adjust to your taste.


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